Official Military Beers

Pints with Purpose

While our beers taste good, we believe they can also do good.  For this reason, we created ‘Pints with Purpose’.  We have now created official craft beers for several regiments and corps of the British Army including The Royal Artillery, The REME, The Royal Signals, The Royal Engineers and the Royal Navy’s newest ship HMS Medway.  For every pint our servicemen and women buy, we make a donation to their regimental charities - to fund sport and adventure activities for active soldiers and those who have been wounded in service – both regular and reserve.

The REME Silver Horse IPA
Silver Horse Pilsner
They Taste Good.  They Do Good.

These delicious beers have been created exclusively for the regiments and corps of the British Army.  Each beer has been careful selected by a tasting committee from each corps and the labels developed by The Crafty design team. Every soldier - be they an officer, NCO or soldier of the regiment - can now enjoy their very own beer and raise a toast to the regiment, their mates and absent friends and know that they'll be making a positive contribution to the lives of those less fortunate than themselves.

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