Our Awards

The Crafty Brewing Company has so far been honoured by a number of awards for their outstanding beer.

Our main awards have come from SIBA.

Who are SIBA?

SIBA, the Society of Independent Brewers, was established in 1980 to represent the interests of the growing number of independent breweries in Britain.

SIBA currently represents around 830 independent craft breweries and their vision is ‘to deliver the future of British beer’ as the ‘voice of British independent Brewing’.

As well as representing Britain’s independent craft brewers in the press and lobbying government on behalf of brewers, SIBA also run regional and national independent beer awards for cask, keg, bottled and canned beers.

Crafty are, therefore, suitably proud and honoured to have had their beers picked out from thousands of available British products.

Dunsfold Best

Dunsfold Best, our true English mild ale, described as having “enticing caramel and chestnut flavours with a strong toffee aroma with a rich palate with vine fruits that unfold into cherry giving a quenching dry finish” was awarded the SIBA Gold Medal winner at the Southeast Region Beer Competition 2016. They said it was a great example of the best bitter style. A very well made beer.

Hop Tipple

Hop Tipple, one of our delicious Indian Pale Ales (IPAs) won a SIBA Gold Award in 2017 for the South East making it one of the finest IPAs in the UK. “Dry hopping adds a bold finish to this thoroughly thirst-quenching golden coloured beer”.

Laughing Wolf

Laughing Wolf won the SIBA Gold award in 2018.

Loxhill Biscuit

We also attend various shows throughout the country and the Alton Beer Festival is one of the best.

Loxhill Biscuit, our graceful golden ale, that has been described as “beautifully clear with a satisfying slighty sour taste bringing a wonderful balance of sweet floral notes and a subtle orange finish backed up with a malty after note and peppery over tones” making it one of Britain’s favourite beers.

It won the Slaphead Shield Silver Award for the best beer at the Alton Beer Festival of 2019.

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