FAQs About Custom Beer

  • Which beers can I choose from?

    We offer a Session IPA & Pilsner in 330ml & 440ml cans. Also a Cider in 330ml cans.

  • How long does it take to get the beers?

    For orders of 300 cans per product it typically takes 3-4 weeks from when we receive the artwork and payment.

    For smaller orders it typically takes 1-2 weeks from when we receive final artwork and payment.

  • Can I use the personalised can designer on your website?

    Of course! This is best suited to orders of under 300 cans per product.

    The reason for this is the type of printer used has a slightly different size than the premium grade labels for orders over 300 cans per product. These labels are outsourced to a commercial label printer and require a different type of file and size.

  • We don’t have a designer. Can you do it for us?

    We’re able to offer a basic design service free of charge for orders over 300 cans in total (this applies for both premium and standard label grades). This would be adding your logo and changing the colours of the label.

    If you are looking for a more complicated design then we can outsource the work to one of the designers we work with. Prices for this start at £30 per hour + VAT. Once we have your brief we’ll get an estimate of costs from the designer before work begins.

  • What can I put on my design? Are there any limits?

    To a certain degree you can put what you like on the design, however you must not use any copyrighted or trademarked images, brand names or other intelectual property that you do not have the rights to use.

    Alcoholic drinks must also not feature branding that could appeal to those under 18, be seen to be promoting any heath benefits of drinking the product or encourage irresponsible behaviour, or violence.

    For further information about this please refer to The Portman Group’s code of practice which has guidance on these matters.

  • What do the beers taste like?

    See our product options page for more details or the best way is to order one of our 6 can sample packs. If you place an order of 300+ cans then we’ll credit your main order with the cost of the pack (inc shipping).


  • Are the beers good? Which beers are they?

    Both the Session IPA & Pilsner have won Great Taste Awards, and the Cider has won several cider category awards.

    The beers are available to buy as Crafty Brewing’s own brands

    Arctic Fox – Pilsner
    Wave Catcher – Session IPA
    Bright Side – Cider

  • Why do you primarily offer cans rather than bottles?

    We offer cans for a few reasons over glass bottles.
    Cans are more environmentally friendly as they are lighter to transport and have a lower carbon footprint.
    They can be recycled more easily and infinitely whilst glass bottles can be recycled only a limited number of times.
    Beer can be damaged by light and oxygen and cans protect the beer better.
    Cans are able to be chilled quicker than bottles as the metal conducts the cold.
    As we can in house we can offer better prices.

  • Can you offer bottles?

    We are able to offer custom branded beer in either 330ml or 500ml bottles. However, because these need to be done as a special order item there is a much larger minimum order quantity of 1000 Litres (Approx 3000 x 330ml bottles or 2000 x 500ml bottles).

    Lead times may vary, please contact us for more details and a bespoke quote depending on your requirements.

  • Can we buy your beers in Kegs or Cask?

    We are able to offer all of our keg or cask products to you to sell under your own brand.

    Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Does the crafty Brewing branding need to appear on my custom beer labels?

    Whilst we’d love for you to feature our branding to make it more of a collaboration beer you are under no obligation to do so. Legally business name and address still needs to appear as the producer of the products, however this can be done in a discrete was as part of the design.

  • Why do you have different types of labels for different order sizes?

    For the premium grade labels we work with an third party beer label printing company who have a minimum order of 300 labels per design, since each product needs to have a unique label due to ingredients and other information we have to have a minimum of 300.

    For smaller orders we are able to print on our in house printers which provide a standard quality label, which is great for gifting and personalised orders. This uses different label sizes because of equipment differences.

  • can you ship individual orders directly to my customers?

    We are able to offer drop shipping services where we can send the beers directly to your customers on your behalf. The prices for this will depend on the pack size as well as the number of orders. For a bespoke quote please contact us.

  • Can you automate Drop Ship Orders?

    We have the ability to directly connect with any website using the WooCommerce or Shopify platforms. Please contact us to discuss in more detail.

  • CAN WE HAVE a different beer than the ones you offer / Can you make me a bespoke beer?

    We are able to offer contract brewing services, with a minimum batch size of 3,500 litres, this works out at around 12,000 x 330ml cans or 70 x 50L Kegs.

    If you are looking to sell to other businesses you will need an AWRS (Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme) licence.

    Please see the section below for more details.

  • I want to start a beer brand and sell to the public

    If you are looking to sell directly to the public then you will either need a personal licence and premises licence for ongoing retail sales or web sales, or a TENS for one off events. Please check with your local authority for the specific details of what they require as every local authority has different regulations on this.

  • I want to start a beer brand and sell to pubs, shops, restaurants, on and off trade

    If you are looking to sell beers to other businesses then you will need to apply for an AWRS (Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme) licence. We may need to see proof of this before we are able to work with you for this.

    Please see GOV.UK for more details