Our Brewery

A state-of-the-art brewery for award-winning beers,
consistent in quality that our customers love.

From humble beginnings, The Crafty Brewing Company’s beers are now brewed in a state-of-the-art brew house and conditioned in our climate-controlled cellar building, which stores hundreds of litres of the finest craft ales, pilsners and lagers.

How We Started

Luke Herman, our Founder, began his brewing career on the kitchen table. He then progressed to an old lorry body, expanded into the farm’s stables and utilised nine shipping containes. These had to house the brew house, fermenters, ingredients and a bottling line. The only thing lacking was a cold store. But Luke solved this by commanderring a wartime bomb-shelter.

Our Expansion

Finally, after obtaining planning permission, we embarked on building our state-of-the-art brewery for the future.

This 5000 square foot facility now houses everything under one roof with a capacity of 100,000 litres of beer a month.

We are now able to brew our core range of beers and four seasonal ales each year, that are sold directly to our customers on our website, as well as to over 600 pubs, many clubs, a number of British military regiments, theatres in the West End and, generally, to the entertainment and hospitality industries.

We also develop new flavours and recipes for our growing list of brand customers who require bespoke beers with which to add value to their own unique customer band experience.

Our first brewery!

From this …

… to this!

A Very Modern Brewery

Sustainability is close to our heart as we constantly aim to reduce our ecological impact.

We recycle our water, heat and yeast and, wherever possible, only use bio-degradable packaging.

All our spent hops and grains are fed to the rare-breed Hungarian Mangalitsa and Old Spot pigs that live in the farm’s woodland.

Our popular “Naked Beer” initiative encourages local customers to visit our brewery to fill up their own containers with fresh cask beer.

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